We're looking for Vegan Talent

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What will we work on? Projects could vary, but one aim is to assist non-profits who do incredible work, but have skill or time shortages when it comes to managing online content, media & marketing. Anything related to vegan / animal rights activism goes. Project ideas and participation are encouraged. Let's change the world!

If you would like to join it would be useful if you know about these kinds of things: project management, copywriting and editing, image editing, branding, photography, html, css, print media, illustration, social media, researching, content marketing, organic search, paid search, meme generation, video editing, audio/sound editing, online advertising, data capturing, web development, programming, database management, hosting / domains.

If you think you fit this profile and would like to be part of this please complete the Application Form (This is important). Please also join our Facebook Group.